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Aqua Fit! 💪🏽

I’ve recently gotten back on my healthy lifestyle kick and I’ve been obsessed with burning calories. This go ‘round, with the help of my babe and my Apple Watch, I’m sticking to my guns and finally getting down to the weight I’ve been longing to see. Since signing back up at the gym, I’ve been participating in a few of the classes (Zumba, Aqua Fit, Body Works plus Abs) . I take them 4 days a week, outside of utilizing the typical gym equipment. This morning I participated in my first Aqua Fit class! Yes, I was the thirty-something year old in a water aerobics class with a bunch of elderly, retired men and women! But you know what? It wasn’t bad! The exercises were pretty intense, and I gotta give it to these older folks for being able to keep up AND for continuing to be active at their age.

Class began at 9AM and went for 50 minutes. I got there early and locked my belongings in my locker, after getting on my swimsuit and swim cap. I had never taken the class before, so I didn’t really know what to expect or what I was doing, all I knew was I needed to head towards the pool. BUT, just like I do when I’m in the gym, you’ve gotta walk in like you know what you’re doing and you own the place. Otherwise, the fact that you’re a newbie will stick out like a sore thumb. But to be honest, all I really did was look at what others were doing and followed suit. I placed my towel and water bottle down, grabbed my water weights and dived in! (Pun fully intended 😋). And oh my, the water was cold! So, I did like everyone else and swam laps up and down the pool to warm up.

Once the class started, the moves the instructor started us off with were pretty moderate. I thought to myself, “this is going to be a breeze!”. But, as soon as that thought left my mind, the intensity kicked up! Granted, because of the water and gravity, some moves were easier to maneuver than they would have been on dry land. But your muscles are still moving all the same and I could feel the effect of every move. We were doing jumping jacks, squats, high knees, leg kicks, laps, boxing… name it, we did it. And those old people didn’t miss a beat! I really enjoyed the class. So now, I’ve decided to take the class every Monday and see what results my body gets after a few weeks of participating.

Stay tuned!



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