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Today, the hiking trail won! I’ve conquered this mountain before. But today, a mixture of the heat and my legs being burned out from the past few days made it nearly impossible to finish. I NEVER give up. I felt like a failure and I felt like I let my girls down. But whose idea was it to hike in 97 degree weather?! I plead-not guilty! Although, the girls may say otherwise 🙂

I tried, I really did. But my body wasn’t having it. I already biked 12 miles this morning. I guess my body was telling me to take it easy. So now I feel defeated. I thought I could push through to beast mode, but the beast couldn’t overcome the heat. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow. In the meantime, my tush is going to cool off and relax from the 12 mile bike ride. My backside is killing me!! Even though the hike was a fail, at least we got a cute pic out of it 🙂

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