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Dinner for One 

Since the diagnosis of my diabetes, I have been trying my best to follow my diet plan and eat as healthy as possible. I’ve been doing a pretty good job and I’ve been coming up with all types of creations! I’ve even been doing a better job while grocery shopping. I don’t go to the market when hungry and I only grab veggies, fruits and protein. It’s a great feeling to eat and be satisfied, not miserably stuffed. And it’s so fun to try new things.

Last night, I made a chicken and broccoli pasta. Nothing fancy, but definitely a healthier spin on something I could have eaten that was fully loaded with carbs and starches!

Once everything was done, I cut up all the ingredients and sprinkled it with a little black pepper for flavor. Paired with a glass of wine, this was quite a delicious meal, if I do say so myself! Kudos to me and a big pat on the back!



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