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Gotta Start Somewhere

I’ve talked about my diabetes before and all the things that I’ve learned. As I live day-to-day with this diagnosis, I learn something new everyday.I recently went to my doctor and she is so impressed with my progress, as far as my diet goes. Hopefully within the next few months, I won’t have to continue on the insulin and the amount of medications I have to take will lessen.

After seeing the doctor and the dietitian last week, they told me they want me to exercise 30 minutes to an hour 5-7 days a week. 7 days a week?! That’s the entire week! When do I have time off??? Well, if the doctor says it needs to be done, it needs to be done. So, we’ve gotta start somewhere. All week I have been doing little things to get my momentum back. I used to run daily, and for whatever reason that fell off. Not sure what happened, but I need to get back into the daily grind! At my lowest weight, I was running and lifting weights 6 days a week. I had an awesome support team behind me who were working out as well. I’m still confused as to why we stopped. But the point is, I’m acknowledging that change needs to happen and I am taking responsibility.

So, with all of that being said, I am going to prove that I am taking responsibility by sharing my progress with you! I am going to post pictures as I go. I’ve gotta get my health in check, and I’m hoping that because of my health scare, I will get in the best shape of my life. I’m excited! To start, I want to share my exercise diary for today:

Slow and steady wins the race. I started off slow this morning. I did some work on the treadmill, just to get my body use to running again. I only did 30-minutes this morning, but hopefully by the next week or two I will be able to do an hour or more. The pictures below can be considered my “before”. My weight today is 220 (can’t believe I actually said my weight out loud!) I have 60 pounds to lose to get to my target weight of 160. Let’s see what I can do after putting in that WORK!

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