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Yes, it’s a real thing!

Someone told me about “gymgasms” or “coregasms” a few years ago when I first started working out intensely. I didn’t believe it could be possible, but it totally is. Years ago when I was in the gym regularly, I experienced what this term meant. And now that I am in the gym everyday, if not two times a day, I’ve had my fair share of gymgasms.

A gymgasm happens when your core tightens and endorphins are released, usually when doing strenuous abdominal exercises. It often happens to me when I’ve been running for a long period of time or I’m doing some kind of body combat or Pilates, where my core is engaged. It was so weird the first time it happened to me; I think I was doing Insanity and it was the core training portion of the workout. The momentum builds like a regular orgasm. You’re pushing yourself to get through this work out and you feel like you want to give up, but you keep pushing…to the point where you want to scream or let out a huge UUUUGHHHH!! I don’t know if it happens mostly to women, most research I’ve done would say it does, but hearing men who constantly yell “URRRGGGH” when lifting massive weights would tell me otherwise-lol. It’s definitely a weird feeling to experience in a room full of people! Luckily, no one can really tell. But it’s a release that’s so relieving!

Going to the gym has become a regular ritual. I’ve even started two-a-days and I feel amazing because of it. Honestly, if I’m choosing not to have orgasms any other way, having a gymgasm and getting my body in shape at the same time is a win-win. I’d call that a good days work. I never thought I’d be in the gym as often as I am, but I’m obsessed! I feel guilty when I don’t go and I refuse to eat anything out of my regular meal prep if I can’t hit the gym. I’m sure I’ve become quite the annoyance to my friends. I become a whiner if I can’t make it to the gym or if I eat something bad. But that just means progress, right? It means the process to a healthier lifestyle is working.

So back to the gymgasms…

Who else out there has felt this goodness??

Better yet, how many of you are going to go try it now?! LOL

I think I need to head to the gym 😉



You can read more about Coregasms here


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