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Herbal D-Tox: Day 9 & 10

The final days are here. I’m pretty sure my body has been released of all horrible toxins. Some days I feel “cleaner” and lighter, other days I still feel a little bloated. But the best part is that a little bit of food now fills me up! Last night I cooked a boneless chicken breast and I couldn’t even eat all of it. In fact, I didn’t even eat half of it! The best part about that is I was able to bring it to work for lunch today. That made me excited because it was REEEEALLLLY good and I kind of wanted to savor it anyway. You know how that goes.

I will admit, I haven’t been exercising as much as I should have. My work schedule is so hectic that it makes it kind of hard to do that. But once I am done taking the pills and my body is fully cleansed of all the yuckiness (I know that’s not a word!), I will double-down on my exercise routine. I’m excited!!!

There is a challenge I will be posting in a few days. It’s a 30-day challenge for April and hopefully that will put a pep in my step. But until then, I will continue the minor exercises I have been doing and I will focus on my last day of popping these monstrous capsules…..which is TOMORROW! The 12 days went by so quickly!! I can see the finish line!

I’m glad I embarked on this journey. I’m glad that I stuck it out. And more importantly, I’m glad I was able to inspire my friend to do the same herbal detox. GOOD LUCK KRISTIN!!



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