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…Hiking With Friends!…

One of my absolute favorite ways to exercise is hiking. California has so many beautiful places and trails to hike. Climbing up hills, mountains and waterfalls is such a great way to become one with nature. I love the feeling. It’s also a thrill. So many people talk about the wildlife you may see. Sometimes it’s scary because you don’t see another human around for a few minutes and you hear rattling in the bushes. It’s usually only a bird or a lizard, but the freight is all apart of the adventure! And once you get to the top of the mountain or the end of the trail, the reward is so beautiful. Here are some pics of our hike yesterday along with a video:



This morning I also woke up and went on a run. Another favorite exercise of mine. It’s an exercise where I can really work every muscle in my body. And again, it’s always nice to workout with friends!

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