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I’d Rather Be Toothless.

I have put this craziness off long enough. I chipped my tooth over a year ago eating steak. I never did anything about it. Technically, I didn’t start to feel pain until a few months ago. I’ve tried everything. I’ve iced it, used orajel, gargled with warm salt water, went to the dentist, hopped myself up on pain meds. I’ve done everything short of getting it pulled. Nothing has worked thus far.

Now, I’m at the emergency room, because an abscess has formed on my jawline. My face is huge and swollen. At this point, I would rather be toothless! Hopefully I can be given some antibiotics and pain meds, so the infection will go away and I can eventually get this sucker pulled!

Lord Jesus, be a vessel! I can’t take this pain or the way my face looks anymore!

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