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You Are What You Eat

…And I refuse to be a lard chunk of meat!

I’d rather be a sweet, ripe strawberry! LOL

For years (from the time I made my transition to California in 2011) I have been eating healthy, working out, being focused….I even quit smoking! Then life became life, my World got busy and I lost focus. I was probably in the best shape of my life, before I got distracted. I loved the skin I was in and I was comfortable and confident. I was HAPPY!

About a year or so ago, I gave in to temptation and went back to all the bad habits I had learned to let go. I was constantly eating out, indulging when I didn’t need to, picked up the cigarettes again and quit getting up at 5AM for my morning runs. I was too content. I’ve always been body-conscious, so I’m not sure why I would let myself go like that! Anywho, right before the New Year, I was looking at pictures of myself from the previous New Year and I was instantly depressed. You know when you think you’re fat at the time and you are desperate to lose some pounds, until you really do get fat and wish you were the size you were previously complaining about? Yeah….that was me. I needed to get my discipline back! Up until then, I had lost all motivation. I had no purpose to get back to where I was and no drive or willpower to do so. Just by looking at me, you wouldn’t think I was as bad as I am on paper. People never think I really weigh as much as I do. My height plays a huge factor in that. What sucks is my legs and arms are slender, it’s my midsection that’s the issue. I’m not classified as morbidly obese, but the scale would tell you I could stand to ease up a bit and get back to my glory days, of only a few short years ago. So what did I decide to do to turn things around?


This is the last time I’m starting over! This has GOT to be it because I can’t give in! In order to do that, I had to think of how strict I was before. I had to remember that this needed to be a lifestyle and not a diet fad. I need to be healthy to live long enough to see my son grow up. I need to be healthy for my own sake. And more importantly, as sad as I was about turning thirty last year, I need to make sure my thirties are the best years of my life! I need to make the most of this life that I’ve only got one shot at. So, I had changes that I needed to make, and this is what I decided to do:

NO-NO List:

  1. Ice Cream

  2. BREAD (biggest guilty pleasure)

  3. Chips

  4. Cookies

  5. Candy

  6. Pasta

  7. Soda

  8. Biscuits

  9. Cake

  10. Donuts

  11. Fried Foods

  12. Fast Food!( Jalen doesn’t help, he always wants fast food!)

Along with this no-no list, I ONLY drink water-had to give up Starbucks and Coffee Bean😔, lunch is my biggest meal of the day and if I’m hungry, I EAT! But only healthy snacks (in between breakfast, lunch and dinner). And more importantly there will be no starving going on over here.


Pic from my most recent late night run.

Aside from what I’m putting in my body, I’m focusing on how I treat my body; no sex, no stress and I force myself to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night so that I am not groggy in the morning and I have the energy to work out. For me, I have to work out in the morning. It sets the precedent for the rest of my day. My favorite form of exercise is running; just put my earbuds in to my favorite playlist and go, or hooking up with Shaun T. for some good ole’ Insanity! I also like to hit a weight or two….if I really want to get intense lol.

Vegetables, fruit and oatmeal have become my best friends. I was putting protein in my caloric intake (I refuse to call it a diet) by eating chicken or beef. However, after seeing some videos online and reading a few articles, I have officially been turned off from any kind of animal! I will figure out the replacement for my protein, but I REFUSE to eat any meat or chicken…..CAN’T DO IT!

As far as that pesky scale, this is another no-no for me. In the past I was a scale freak. I was on it more than I should have been. I was OBSESSED! That alone was super unhealthy. I didn’t realize that the body automatically fluctuates pounds daily, so I would kick myself if the scale was off a pound or two day after day. The scale really is the devil! Instead, I have decided to take measurements and let my clothes do the talking. There is no greater feeling than putting on a pair of jeans, only to notice that they are now a little baggy. That brings a smile to anyone’s face!

I know weight won’t drop drastically. I know that I need to have patience and be realistic because it will take time. I also know that I have restarted so many times in the past, so what makes this time different? But it’s not a sprint, its’ a marathon. It’s all about my journey and if I keep at my routine, in no time I will be down to my goal weight and the time will seem like it flew by. The weight always goes in my face first and that’s what I’m most excited about (selfies!). So, I’ll see you at the finish line! Hopefully, writing this post and having others read it will make me hold myself accountable because I know others are watching. I’ve got this! Can’t stop, won’t stop!

So far I’m off to a great start in getting back to the old me. I have a lot more energy, my face is clearing up (the breakouts were REAL! I never really drank soda before so the sodas I was drinking fucked my gorgeous face up!), my hair is the healthiest its been in a while and I feel cleansed and renewed. I can even cook Jalen’s food, like his pastas and other things I’ve sworn off, and not be tempted to take a taste. They say after 21 days it becomes habit. This is a habit I am willing to keep. I will update my progress periodically. I won’t share pics of myself because I want to save that for the final TA-DA. But I will definitely reveal my ups and downs in my progress reports because I’m sure there will be struggles. Nonetheless…..WISH ME LUCK!



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