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The Perfect Match!

We all go through it.

The struggle of finding the perfect match for our foundation. That has always been the frustrating part of wearing makeup. It still is sometimes, to this day! Choosing a foundation has never been something I could do on my own. I either pick a color that’s far too light, making me look like a clown, or a tone that’s just a shade too dark. The struggle is real!

If it wasn’t for Sephora and their color matching, I would be lost. Until the day something begins to look off, my flawless face doesn’t look so flawless anymore, I’m going to continue to rely on the color they designated for me….3 years ago-lol. But as we get older, so does our skin. As our bodies change, so does our skin. So, we can’t be reliant on that color-match from 3 years ago. You’ve gotta be able to look at different factors, formulas and ingredients in foundation that make that shade the right one for you. Rihanna was able to do it with her new Fenty Beauty makeup line. So, why can’t we? I’ve been wanting to try her foundations, but they have been sold out since the line launched. For the lucky ladies who were able to get their hands on a bottle, apparently her shades are so true to tone, everyone is wondering how she formulated the magic! But, if you’re like me and haven’t gotten your hands on any Fenty Beauty, you still need to do the research to see how you can help yourself get that perfect match down-pact!

My friends over at have done that research for us! They have broken down 364 formulas to find only TWO foundations that work the best, for all you beauty mavens out there. Their guide for a flawless face has not only been helpful for me, but other beauty enthusiasts I know who love to get the best finishing look.

I could go on and on about this guide, but you should definitely go check it out for yourself ➡️ here ⬅️. After all, it breaks everything down by your specific skin type and I don’t know what flawless face you’re trying to achieve! So, head on over there and check out their guide. Let me know what interesting info you find that helps you achieve your perfect match. And more importantly, let me know if the guide was everything you’ve been looking for. I know it was for me; and I just had to share with all of you! If you know anyone else going through the struggle, feel free to share the guide with them as well. Pass it along! After all, sharing is caring! Especially when it comes to beauty 😉.



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