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#7. Go Bra-less in Public. Check!

  1. Ride in a helicopter

  2. Go horseback riding

  3. Wear a bikini

  4. Visit Canada

  5. Ride in a hot air balloon

  6. Get my credit score up to 750!

  7. Go bra-less in public

  8. Ride in a convertible

  9. Try a new food

  10. Go ice skating at Rockefeller Center

  11. Visit a winery

  12. Go skiing

  13. Marry my best friend

  14. Stomp grapes

  15. Write poetry again

  16. Watch the Harry Potter series (I’ve never seen a single movie)

  17. Change my last name

  18. Take a tour of DC

  19. Lose 30 pounds

  20. Volunteer

  21. Trademark “HolddtheMayo”

  22. Go to a Day Party

  23. Do Karaoke

  24. Participate in a marathon

  25. Get matching tattoos

  26. Make a BIG purchase

  27. Fast for 30 days

  28. Kiss a dolphin

  29. Ride on a jet ski

  30. Silence the haters

  31. Make a name for myself, socially

  32. Go to an Eagles game IN Philly

  33. Get my motorcycle license

  34. Get promoted at work

  35. Take care of my mother

This one was honestly done by accident. I didn’t put much thought into it and didn’t purposely plan on doing it, but it happened! LOL. This past Sunday (which was Father’s Day) the fam and I were getting ready for a cookout. I have this really pretty dress

I’ve wanted to wear for a really long time, but the way the back of the dress is, makes it nearly impossible to wear a bra. When I was getting dressed Sunday, I decided I wanted to finally put this dress on. I have a strapless bra that could have worked with the dress, but the way the back of the dress is, the band of the bra would have been exposed. I’m well endowed in the boobies department. Going bra-less is NOT an option. I needed one of those stick-on bras that have cups in the front, but instead of a band that clasps together in the back, there are sticky panels on each side of the bra that stick to the side of your body, making it so your back is completely bare and exposed. I sent my Fiance out on the hunt for this bra, but no luck. I was starting to get frustrated because I didn’t want to put together a whole new outfit. So, I searched around the house until I found….

I had to make it work!! I started cutting strips of the duct tape and strapping them to my chest to hold up my bitties! It actually worked! I walked out of the house with nothing but duct tape hoisting up my boulders. It was great! As we were leaving out the house and I was telling my Fiance my innovative idea, my son overheard and said, “Mom, you don’t have a bra on?” Then it hit me….I’M GOING BRA-LESS IN PUBLIC! And just like that, another item is checked off my list! Getting through this list may be easier than I thought, especially if things continue to happen coincidentally!



P.S. the duct tape held up, even in the 90 degree weather. This will definitely be a go-to idea in the future. And for any of you who have the same big breast issue and have never come across the duct tape idea….you’re welcome!

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