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Leap of Faith!

I did it! I threw caution to the wind and quit my full-time job! Why did I do that, you may ask? It's quite simple; I was so tired of answering to others and helping others be successful when I could put that energy into making myself successful!

I was already working my Pure Romance business while still working my 9-5, but I wanted to give PR more of my time. I wanted to make sure that I was giving it my all so I could be successful with something I am so passionate about....helping and empowering others! So, now I am a full-time sex educator and I sell sexy items! It's a dream come true. I know I will go far, and the best part....I have the love and support from those closest to me to make my business a success! That's really all I need!

My husband has been the biggest supporter. He made sure I had an office to work out of, a space to call my own, and a place to store my inventory. He made a nice area for me to setup and package my goods to send out! I'm excited to see where my business goes! Who out there has ever taken a leap of faith? What was that leap and how was the outcome?

You never know what you're made of until you try!

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