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And Where Have YOU Been?!

It seems like I do this every few months; fall off the face of the Earth, neglecting my blog, vlog and Podcast. Every time, I come back saying I'm so sorry and I will never do it again. We all know that's a lie. But, the question still remains....what was my excuse THIS time?

Well, to be quite honest, I got tired of trying to keep up; trying to compete. I am like any other human and I strive to do my best. But for me, that comes with striving for perfection! For the last few months I have not had the time, energy or patience to give anything other than my job and my family the attention they need and deserve. However, the everyday hustle and bustle came to a screeching halt with COVID-19. So, here we are.

Once again, I gear myself up to go on and on about how I just haven't had the time and I promise to do better. In all actuality, I just miss being creative! I can't promise that I won't be neglectful again, because that would be a lie. What I need to do is find a balance. I need to give a certain amount of time to channel my creative side and a certain amount of time to all of the other areas in my life.

During this quarantine, I've found the time to really delve deep into my business ventures. I am the most motivated and excited about all I am working on than I have ever been. I just pray this passion doesn't go away once the humdrum reality of everyday life kicks back in. So, all of this leads me to ask the question...."What has the quarantine done for you?" Has it given you any jaw dropping "aha" moments? Have you found clarity and reassurance? Are you coming out of this a better person? I'd really be interested to know. For me, if nothing else I've come out of this with a much more appealing website and a few extra coins to throw in my pocket.

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