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Hair Chronicles

I’ve always had very long and thick hair. Something I’ve prided myself on. Since I was a young girl, I’ve been very particular about my hair and how its taken care of. At a young age, I decided to get a relaxer put in my hair because it was so thick and hard for me to tame. That was mistake #1. The texture was never the same after relaxing it. Nonetheless, my hair was still long and still a beautiful grain. But as I got older, I realized that the relaxers were taking away the thickness of my hair. It was beginning to get thin and losing its volume. That, paired with the fact that until my later years of middle school, I never liked wearing my hair out and I always pulled it into a tight ponytail.

Years went by and eventually I stopped relaxing my hair. It’s been over 10 years since I gave up the creamy crack, and my hair has been all natural, yet the thinning hasn’t stopped. I learned that the thinning is something that is hereditary and is going to happen whether I like it or not. Guess what?…..I DON’T LIKE IT! I miss the fullness and thickness of my hair. I’m still fairly young and the appearance of my hair is still very important to me. So, what can I do?

I joked with my boyfriend about getting Rogaine for Women! LOL. What other option do I have? I’ve thought about vitamins or conditioners that will help. I even thought of taking prenatal vitamins again. But I will not let this thinning of my hair get the best of me! Has anyone out there tried any remedies for this? If you have any recommendations or suggestions, please drop them in the comments below. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bald or anything (lol), this is more so for preventative measures, since it seems to be a hereditary thing. 😒.

Check out my photos below of what my hair looks like now. Please excuse my eyebrows and my face. It’s time for a threading and I don’t have any make-up on!



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