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What’s In Your Makeup Bag?

I am a huge fan of fun makeup. Something that makes you feel glamorous and pretty when everything else seems out of sync. Putting on some sexy red lips, smokey eyes or some bangin’ brows can turn my mood alllll the way around. Here’s a quick peek into my bag. It’s not a lot, but it gets the job done!

I’ll break down each bit of makeup for you and why I love it.


As I’ve said a thousand times, I’m a huge fan of red lips. But not just any red lip, a matte red lip. Right now I’m loving the matte red by Kate Moss as well as NYX. I also use the red velvety matte lip crayon when I don’t want to be too bold. And I also have the matte crayon in a more neutral color for my everyday look. There is also a mauve lipstick by Revlon that I stole from my sis (color not pictured) that’s awesome! I always get compliments on that color.


I have an entire routine with my brows and eyes. It’s very detailed. I usually get my brows waxed, but I also like to clean them up myself. For that I use the eyebrow shaper. The shaper combined with the shaper primer (pink pencil) make my eyebrows look so chic. Once I’ve done that, I define my brows with 2 different pencils and fill them in with the lighter color. One of those pencils being a MAC color. You can never go wrong with MAC! I also brush them out after the color is applied so it doesn’t look to bold, but more natural. I like liner as well, but only on the lower lid. And I only use a felt pencil. It’s soooo velvety. Any other pencil seems cheap and annoying. And liquid liner is a no-no for me.


I’m not big on foundation. It has to be a really special occasion for me to do whole face. I usually only use concealer to cover dark spots. But if any foundation is used it’s Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous. It’s light and airy and easy to blend in. I also use shadow colors to contour, but again, only when I do whole face. Otherwise, the shadows are used for natural eye coverage or smokey eye, depending on my mood.

And lastly…..


I never have been and I never will be a blush girl. It just never works out for me. And to be honest, I don’t get the point of blush. So with this little kit, I use the shadows. Very natural colors. And I occasionally dabble with the lip palette. But the main reason I use this kit is for the mirror! It’s huge! I also love a good mascara! One that’s not too clumpy and lasts all day. I like the double-sided mascara with the primer. The primer usually ensures the last-longing look. This particular brand is great. Check out Makeover Essentials.

So, there you have it. My makeup bag, which I conveniently carry in a lunch bag. It makes life so much easier. I love finding new products. Let me know what’s in YOUR bag! I’m interested to know!


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