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10 Things You Never Tell A Female

Some guys need tools to deal with the opposite sex. They just don’t get it. How do you not know the difference between what’s right and wrong to say? Don’t you guys know we are emotional wrecks? And anything will set us off? Well, if you didn’t know, here are some helpful hints. Get it together fellas!

1. You Remind Me of My Mother. Say whaaaat? No woman wants to remind you of your mother! Of course we appreciate the respect you have for your mom, but how does “reminding you of your mother” help when we are in the bedroom? And does this mean you’re expecting us to cater to you like your mother does? Never utter these words. While you may not mean it in a negative way, it’s not exactly what we want to hear.

2. She’s Just My Friend. Well that’s fine and dandy honey. But if you all are just friends, why have we never met? Guys think that females are always super jealous and never want them to have friends. This is not true. I personally am all about my significant other having friends, it gets them out of my hair. But there is a difference when you’re keeping your friends a secret. That is where the jealousy comes in place. Let’s all be friends!

3. Let’s Not Tell Anyone. Speaking of secrets…okay, if you need to keep anything with your significant other a secret, there’s no point in being together or dealing with each other. Why hide it? If you have something to hide, as females it makes us feel like you’re ashamed of us or to be seen with us. Not the best feeling in the world. So if there is anything we can’t tell other people regarding our relationship, you might as well keep it moving. Such a turn-off.

4. Have You Gained Some Weight? Ummmm do I even need to explain?! We are already our own worse critics. And yes, while it’s good to help us stay on track with our health and wellness, be just a little more sensitive while inquiring about our “size”. Sheesh!

5. It’s Not You, It’s Me. Unless you think we are completely stupid, we know that this means it was totally us! Either that, or you’re too chicken shit to fess up to the truth.

6. My Exes Used To…. We don’t give a damn what your exes used to do! And if you still care what your ex used to do, why aren’t you with them? The hypocrisy of it though. To a guy, talking about his ex is okay. But don’t let us bring up our exes. It’s World War III! Don’t ever compare us to your ex. Let us be ourselves. This is almost as bad as comparing us to your mother. No bueno.

7. You Look Tired. Translation: you look like shit! Even if that’s not what you mean to say, you might as well say it. Unless we verbally say, “man, I’m so tired” don’t tell us we look tired. Especially when we’ve done our hair and makeup and we think we look absolutely amazing! Telling us we look tired is offensive! Yes, I know, we are a weird species. Thus the reason I’m giving you this list so you fellas can better understand how to deal with us. Trust me, I’m helping you.

8. Your Friend Is Hot. Excuse me?! Did you really just say that? You should already know better. But then again, this is coming from the same guy that told me I looked tired. Smh.

9. It’s Up To You. As women we want the men to be the decision makers. We like when you guys take control. So when you tell us it’s up to us, we can never decide! And all it does is cause argument between the two of us. If you make a decision and we don’t like it, we know how to voice our opinion. But don’t expect us to decide.

10. No Offense, But…. 9 times out of 10, whatever you are about to say is offensive. So don’t even bother. Lol. If you have to put a disclaimer on it, most likely it’s not going to end well.

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