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Adventure Time: Summers Farm!

Fall season is my favorite season and I couldn’t let it pass without going to a pumpkin patch! I wanted to go somewhere that would be entertaining enough for my sister (teenager) and my son (pre-teen), and they wouldn’t feel like every attraction was a “baby” attraction. Summers Farm certainly did not disappoint! They had the time of their lives and it made me so happy to see them having so much fun!

The kids had an early dismissal yesterday and I thought that would be the perfect opportunity to have some Halloween fun. I Googled “pumpkin patches and corn mazes in Maryland”. A lot of different venues popped up, but they were either closed, only open on Saturdays and Sundays or you needed to make a reservation, and it was too late for me to do that. I came across Summers Farm and saw that they were one of the most popular farms in Maryland. That, along with the rave reviews on Yelp, made it a no brainer; we needed to go! Then I saw that it was 80 miles from where I lived and got a bit discouraged. BUT, I promised my son a surprise that afternoon and didn’t want to let him down. Let me just tell you…the hour and a half drive was well worth the excitement in my son and sisters eyes! They thanked me numerous times for taking them when it was all said and done.

We enjoyed the corn maze, which was shaped out of all the military branches (as this farm is very supportive of our troops. They even have a station where you can write letters to soldiers). The kids got on the zip line and blasted apples from some really cool cannons! I think that was their favorite part. But what’s even better is that we were able to spend quality time together. I put my phone on airplane mode so I wasn’t interrupted, but could still take pictures on my phone, and I took their phones. I wanted them to be able to live in the moment and enjoy the memories being made. Not only did they do that, but for at least 3 hours, they were able to enjoy each other’s company without arguing and bickering. That was the goal!

Summers Farm is by far one of the best harvest farms and activities I’ve experienced. I would encourage everyone to make the drive and enjoy time with your loved ones. The staff was amazing, the animals were sooooo cute, the attractions were fun for all ages and….it only cost $9 to get in! (After you use code PIG10-if you purchase the tickets online in advance).

I wanted to have the opportunity to enjoy one of my favorite traditions during the fall season and I was able to; at the best place with the best company during the best time of year! You only get chances like this once in a lifetime. Make them memorable!



P.S. shoutout to portrait mode on my iPhone, that captured all of these beautiful pics! 😍

And here are some videos of the activities we participated in!: Tug-O-War, Barrel Roller, Pig Races and Rubber Duck Race.

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