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Ain’t That Something!

I’ve only been talking about Iggy Azalea for the past 2 weeks, but apparently my Dad hasn’t been paying attention! He walks into the house today and yells down the hallway, “Hey, do you know who Iggy Azalea is?” I respond, “do I?! Of course I do! I’ve only been obsessing over her song!” “Oh, well I met her the other day.” EXCUSE ME!!! You did what!?? Apparently over the weekend my father ran into Iggy and her L.A. Lakers boyfriend at the bank. Of course he’s not hip and had no idea who she was. He was “fan-girling” over her boyfriend, even taking a picture with him. The only thing he noticed about her….and I quote, “she has a big ole booty! Small boobs, but a big ass!” Only my Father! And here is his shining glory:


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