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And How Was Your Day?

I’m trying to kick this 30-day blog challenge off right. Today’s challenge is to post a picture of myself and explain how my day was. So here goes….

Today was like any other day. I went to work, I dealt with clients, I administered some training and then I went on to my motherly duties. The day at work seemed to fly by. I was ready to go home and enjoy some warmth, seeing as though today was cooler than usual. I can’t seem to adjust to this up and down weather here in Cali. But I couldn’t go home to warm up. It’s Tuesday, which means baseball practice for my son Jalen. I sat out at the field for an hour and a half before my fingers went numb. I couldn’t do it anymore! It was freeeeezing! We had to go. From there, I went home and prepped dinner. TACO TUESDAY! Now, I’m catching up on a few of my favorite shows and getting ready to do day 1 of the beach body challenge! Busy day!

And how was your day?


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