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And the True Colors Begin to Show…

I’d like to think that the person I am is always genuine, honest and truthful. I don’t feel as though I put on a front or a different persona around others. I try my best to be forthright and caring. But those qualities aren’t always reciprocated from my peers. And for me, that’s a bit disappointing.

It’s always the people you least expect to be supportive who have your back 110%. That bestie you thought you could rely on for anything, turned out to not be so reliable after all. And that’s a little depressing, right? I’m usually a great judge of character; I’d like to think I’m pretty spot on. But as of late, my expectations have disappointed me. Who raised you to be so callous and a purebred asshole? Why do you show empathy only when it means you’ll gain recognition for being sympathetic? Maybe it’s my age and the fact that I’m a lot more mature than others, but that shouldn’t be an excuse. I wish I could say I try to surround myself with likeminded people, but apparently that notion cease to exist.

I just don’t understand this generation and the society of people in which we live. When did it become cool to not support your friends, no matter the circumstance? Maybe people are only looking out for themselves. I get that. I get it. But for me, if a friend is in need and I can support them, I’m there. No questions asked. Maybe I need to surround myself with people of the same mindset and not the selfish people I’ve learned to tolerate. It’s exhausting and draining. And quite frankly, I care not to entertain it any longer.

How do you go about choosing the right friends? How do you say something to the friend who just isn’t supporting you the way you think they should? Or, should you just say “fuck it” and move on with life?

What are your thoughts?

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