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At the End of the Day

….what’s done is done.

A little insert from my personal journal: When it’s over, when you’re done with someone, all you can think of is all the good times and fun you had. You remember the bond you shared and the memories made. When you’re romantic with someone or intimate with someone, being their friend afterwards is pretty hard. Everyone moves on. In the end, trying to keep that friendship up becomes a struggle.

I can’t keep up with that struggle anymore. It’s best for us to not be friends. It’ll hurt, but knowing that those special moments we once shared will now be shared with someone else hurts even more. I’d rather delete you from all aspects of my life. Not because I hate you, but because I love ME! I’d rather be able to move on and not have old feelings resurface when you decide to pop in and out of my life.

You can’t be just friends with someone you were once in love with.

We don’t share those special moments anymore for a reason. Why hold on to something that will never be again?

What’s done is done….I hope you can understand where I’m coming from.


Photo Cred: The Mirage

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