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…Because, Hugs Are the Best

I need a hug. Why? Because they are the best! A nice warm hug in the arms of someone who will squeeze me real tight and not let go. Everyone has those days where they just need a hug. They need to feel loved, comforted and wanted. A hug can make any dark day turn bright. For me, I like a lingering hug. The type of hug where you both just hold on tight, like you have nowhere to go and nothing else matters. Being in someone’s arms like that, who really cares about you….there’s no better feeling. Oftentimes, I never want to let go. I know there will be no other feeling quite like it and I don’t want that moment to end. Have you ever experienced a hug like that? Usually hugs where you don’t want to let go or part ways, means you have a special place in your heart for the person you are hugging. I know the feeling all too well.

Some people don’t like hugs, or don’t even like to be touched. But I love to touch and be touched. It’s a comforting and soothing feeling for me. People find me extremely weird because I love skin. I love touching people, I like feeling on the texture of their skin. I like touching their faces, I like to get up close and personal and really smell and feel what this person is all about. The infatuation started when I was a child. I used to suck my thumb (up until I was 16) and whenever I was indulging in that habit, I had to feel on skin or fabric. However, skin was my drug of choice. I remember always touching my mom’s arm or her hands, or my go to….her feet. I would do the same thing to my aunt; go straight for the feet. Don’t get me wrong, I dont just go around rubbing on anyone’s skin or feet, there has to be that comfort level there. I have to feel comfortable with you and bonded to you in some way for it to be soothing to me.

I know that sounds weird, but to me, touching is the most intimate you can get with someone. I don’t like anyone touching me unless I trust them. And I don’t touch anyone else unless I trust them. Sharing that personal space is such a delicate subject, but it never stopped me from rubbing on an arm or two. People look at me crazy when I try to explain my obsession with skin. But like I said, you can’t get any closer than skin-to-skin contact. And I mean that in the least-sexual way possible. So, this is why hugs are the best. You can really get in tune and become one with someone else. There’s a feeling, a connection. Think about it, you wouldn’t hug someone you didn’t like or didn’t know. We often hug others as a way to say I love you, to tell someone good bye, to show someone you miss them or when you are meeting someone new and special for the first time. Never would you go out of your way to hug random people. And that’s because a hug is a special gift. How many times have you wanted to be hugged by your mom or dad or significant other? Hundreds, maybe even thousands of times. That hug makes you feel protected. It makes you feel special. It makes you feel loved.

So, go out there and find your special someone to hug! You won’t regret it! You need it!

💋 TJ

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