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Chocolatey Goooodnesssss!! Yassssss!

This beautiful chocolate drop is my partner in crime, my ride or die, my bobitch, my ponkin-tonkin-monkin, my everything! But more importantly, my BEST FRIEND! Annette Lavada!

I have known this whore for practically my whole life. The things we’ve done…..oh boy the things we’ve done. Something you would only read in a book or see in a movie. I would name all of the things, but it’s too incriminating, for the both of us! All I have to do is call Annette, tell her what my plan is, and she’s down, no questions asked, and vice versa. That’s a best friend. When I’ve needed advice, help or just someone to cry to because I’m heartbroken or over analyzing something, she’s there, no questions asked. She treats my son like her own. We are both there for each other in hard times. And more importantly we always have each other’s back. I don’t know what I’d do without this bitch! Life would definitely NOT be the same. And in less than 2 weeks, she will be here in California and we will be up to no good all over again. And I’m NOT SHARING her with anyone!

Love you Bobitch!!! Here’s to 23 more years of chaos….I love it!!!

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