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Circle of Friends!

My circle is dope as hell! My circle of friends is everything I could need right now and more. I have never been happier than I am right now to have the friends I have and the relationships I’ve built. I have a good group around me and I couldn’t ask for more. The older I get, the harder it is to hold on to important people. People get older, fall in love, get married and continue on with their lives. Maturity has set in and the time to hang out 24/7 is slowly ending. Everyone has their own priorities. You can’t fault them in that. You can’t have an adolescent mindset and think that because we go our separate ways, the friendship has to die. I know I am not always the best person to be friends with, and I know I don’t always make the best choices, but I will always have my friends back, or be that shoulder to cry on or that ear to lend advice. If I have it and you need it, it’s yours.

The group that have a surrounded myself with the last few years have proven that they are just as equal to the type of friend I try to make myself out to be. They lend a hand when I least expect it, they are encouraging when I don’t ask for it, they are my humor when I need light shed on a dark time. Everyone should have that set circle of friends. That circle may not always include your best friends, and at times you may need to step outside of that circle to be with a different kind of friend. But that circle is understanding and is always there with open arms awaiting your return. So go find a YOUR circle. Go find that group you can rely on. This summer, I plan on having the best summer of my life with my CIRCLE! It’s the little things!

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