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Dear Diary: 1.26.2017

Dear Diary:

If you can’t tell from the look on my face and the pep in my step….Life is good! Actually, let’s rephrase: it’s GREAT! And I think my happiness is confusing people. Just a few months ago, I was in what I call my “Great Depression” and now I have not a care in the world. I think I realized life is too short to be anything but happy. It tickles people when they see what a great mood I’m in. Yesterday I was talking to a friend on the phone and he couldn’t get over how energetic and happy I was. I must admit, I was smiling through the phone. One of the greatest things for me as of late is that I can’t stop smiling! And because of this, the running joke with people close to me is, “why are you in such a good mood? Or is it your medication?” And my response is, “I’m high on life!” Ya know, one can only take so much of being unhappy. I couldn’t do it anymore. I love the new attitude I carry. I just hope it doesn’t disappear! I talked to my dad today and he was giddy with how great my mood was. He kept saying that he couldn’t get over the difference in my personality. I’ll take it! Would you rather me be like this or in my Great Depression again? I don’t know if my mood has altered because I’m in my own space or because my new job has a much better environment, but I’m not complaining. Speaking of work; at my old job I would have NEVER stayed all day to do work just because I wanted to. The atmosphere was so negative, I was running out the door at 4 o’clock SHARP, everyday. But today, in my new position at my new job, I was practically there all day. I almost hit a 12 hour day. And guess what, I didn’t mind! I didn’t mind staying the extra hours to get my work done. I haven’t been able to say that in the past year. I’m actually excited to wake up and go to work everyday. No stress, no drama…it’s the best. And to top the day off, my son actually decided to go to sleep BEFORE his bedtime. What did I do to deserve this?! You mean I actually get some “mom” time before I have to hit the sack myself? Wow!! The only thing that would have made my day complete would have been talking to him. But soon enough. Anywho Diary, I’m going to spend the last few hours of the evening settling down. Til’ next time….



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