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Devon. Freakin. Sawa!

I always try to play it cool when I see a celebrity, but 9 times out of 10, I lose my shit. Today was no exception. Devon Sawa came into my job today. I didn’t recognize him at first, he’s cute on the big screen but he’s super cute in person! I turned to my coworkers and said “that looks like Devon Sawa” and when he said his name, it was confirmation. But they had no idea who I was talking about, until they googled him and saw he was Casper. Anyone born after 1989 is not really able to understand the depth of how massive Devon’s popularity was in the early 90’s. There wasn’t a movie out back then that he wasn’t in!

And who remembers Tiger Beat or any other teen heartthrob magazines? Because he was plastered in all of them! Being able to save my money to buy those magazines and take out the huge posters and tape them all over my room was a hobby of mine. I was absolutely obsessed with him in Little Giants. I could watch that movie over and over again. I would have never guessed when watching him as a kid on TV, I would one day see him in person. So, for him to be only inches away from me today made my heart race super fast! It was one of those moments where in your head, you had so many things you wanted to say, but all I could do was gawk and stare. I’m soooooo glad I moved to California. Since I’ve been here I’ve met people I never thought I’d meet in a million years. Now, they are all in my backyard. Just the thought of that makes me smile from ear-to-ear!


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