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Dirty Little Secret….

I read something online that said if you have a blog and you are looking for a blog topic, you should write about a deep, dark secret. Apparently it makes you feel free and a lifts a weight off your shoulders. And I guess if you can’t tell people in person, it’s easier to tell people who are complete strangers. As much as people love to hear rumors, they love to hear the dirty little secrets of other people. So, here I am. Not because I need something to write about, but because it would be nice to get this off my chest and share with someone other than my bestie. Especially sharing it with people who really can’t judge me. Well, they can, but not to my face. And what do I really care about the opinion of a stranger? My secret may contradict a past post, but it’s my truth. Anywho…..

My secret?………

I’ve slept with a friends boyfriend…eeeek!

Now, before you become judgey mc-judgester pants, let me explain.

This is not something I would normally do, and not something I would do to a friend who was currently with her boyfriend. They were no longer a couple and hadn’t been for a while. Not that that makes it any better. I suppose as women, we are supposed to have a “girl code”, but I think that’s stupid. They weren’t married, they weren’t together, so he was open game. Initially I felt bad. But he didn’t feel bad and he told me I shouldn’t either. Of course he would say that, he’s a guy. But he’s right. Sometimes you can’t help who you have a connection with and who you are attracted to. And let’s be honest, I’m pretty glad I did it; that was definitely one of the most enjoyable, entertaining flings I’ve had; and I don’t regret a damn thing about it.

I could be down on myself and afraid to say something, thinking others would call me names. But I have had exes who have slept with friends of mine and not once were they judged. Again, does that make it right? No. But let’s not play into double standards or the “it’s different because they are guys” card. As we speak, there is a guy in my life (not someone I am interested in, but clearly someone who is interested in me) who wants to hook up with me (he’s not subtle with his hints) and all in the same breath asked me about a friend of mine because he wants to hook up with her as well. In his words he wants to “do it to her first so she can come back and tell me about it so I’ll want it more”. WTF? He’s bold as hell. That whole conversation shocked me more than anything.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not usually a floosy. I have boundaries. I would never come in between a person and their relationship. So am I wrong for doing what I did? Also, let me just clarify that it was never a thought in my mind when they were actually together. I know there are some women in the world who thrive off of that. Who are sneaky and malicious behind their friend’s back. But that’s not me and wasn’t me.

Pheeew! That was my secret. It may not be a super bad secret, but I think it could be shocking to people who actually know me. People think I’m Miss Goody Two-Shoes, but I have my naughty side. And if this is the worse thing I’ve ever done in my existence, then I can live with that. Did I mention we may have hooked up a few times?……



Oh, just realized this may not have been the WORSE thing I’ve done. I’ve faked a pregnancy before……but that’s a topic for another post.

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