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Endless Cruisin’!

I love my husband. I love him so much! I love surprising him and doing special things for him because he truly deserves it. He is the hardest working man I know and his #1 mission in life is to take care of his family. He doesn’t take a lot of time out for himself, so every opportunity I get, I like to do nice things for him. This past weekend was no exception! My husband has a strong passion for cars. Since I’ve known him, way back in high school, he has always had his head under a hood. He has always been fascinated with the way a motor sounds and how fast a car can go. I love him for how excited he gets when he is in his element. So, the surprise I had for him this past week was a no-brainer.

My coworker and I had a conversation last week about our husbands and their obsession with cars. In the midst of our conversation, my coworker mentioned that she would be taking a few days off because she was going to a car show with her husband in Ocean City. Of all the times I had been to Ocean City and heard of the car show, I had never been . As soon as she mentioned it, I knew I had to take my husband as a surprise! When I got home, I let him know that we were going on a surprise excursion on Saturday. Being that my husband is NOT as spontaneous as I am, he immediately had tons of questions. He wanted to know all the details and how this “surprise” would interfere with our normal routine. I told him to relax, let him know what time to be ready on Saturday and how to dress, so that he would be comfortable.

When Saturday arrived I was nervous. I didn’t know if he would like my surprise! I knew he was into cars, but I didn’t know if he would be interested in walking around and looking at a bunch of antique cars/race cars. I was also concerned about the ride up to Ocean City because I needed to have him blindfolded as to not give away where we were going. I knew if he knew WHERE we were going, he would know what was going on. Luckily, he was okay with being blindfolded for 2.5 hours. And luckily he cooperated. He couldn’t see or look out the window, so the smartest thing for him to do was go to sleep-lol! By the time he woke up, we were at our destination; the fun had only begun!

I parked the car and escorted Aaron to the boardwalk. He couldn’t see shit! He complained about the different surfaces he was walking on, claimed he almost fell off a curb and was walking slow as molasses! It was more of a pain than not, so I had him take his blindfold off because we were getting sooooo many stares and I knew he wouldn’t be able to see the cars in the inlet until we actually got into the inlet. As we were walking down the boardwalk, people were passing us with lanyards on that mentioned the car show. I told my husband to keep his eyes forward! But, he never listens to me….he continued to look around. We were passing one of the shops and he saw shirts being sold that said “Endless Summer Cruisin’ 2018″. Almost immediately, his neck snapped, he looked at me with this glow in his eyes and said….”there’s a car show here! A big one! Is that my surprise?” He was so giddy, I had to tell him the truth. I had never seen his eyes light up so bright and big! In that moment, I knew I did a good thing.

We walked around the inlet and looked at all the old cars, racers and cruisers. Aaron was able to meet Mike Finnegan, a car enthusiast on one of the shows he watches. When we were done at the inlet, we went over to the convention center where we were able to look at more cars and meet with vendors.

From there, we headed to Delaware, about 40 minutes from the boardwalk, to the drag strip where we watched a few races, a burnout contest and jet dragsters. I’m pretty sure I had more fun than Aaron! I left there feeling like I was a race car driver; ready to get on the open road and fulfill my need for speed! I went into this surprise thinking it would be something strictly for my husband, that I would only be there to support his passion. But at the end of the day, I realized it was something I could be interested in too; something my husband and I could be interested in together. I told my husband I wanted to help him work on his Chevy S10, and maybe one day we could buy an old car to work on together so we could cruise around the streets without the kids. All-in-all, a great time was had by all. This was the first time I’d heard my husband say he had a blast. He thoroughly enjoyed himself and seeing him that happy made me happy. I want to see him smile like that for the rest of our lives.

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