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Eternal Valley

….such a place does exist. Eternal Valley is a cemetery/mortuary/funeral home/fancy graveyard near my house. I pass it everyday on my commute to work. Today, as I am carpooling with my roommate, I got the chance to actually look at this place, as we were passing, for more than just a glance. And it got me thinking about death. Personally, I’ve always had a 50/50 perspective of it.

Part of me is completely horrified, because the thought of death is so permanent. It’s not a temporary action. It is exactly what the cemetery by my house says-Eternal. You can’t die and then say “SIKE!” and come back to life. There isn’t a second chance. Once you’re dead, you’re dead!

The other part of me is okay with death. I know that it is bound to happen. I know that it is inevitable. Life is a cycle and for all things living, death is the last step. Still, the thought of taking my last breath or not being able to see loved ones anymore is kind of freaky. Knowing that life is such a temporary thing makes my skin cringe just a tad bit. Just talking about being six feet under, in a wooden box, still and lifeless, no emotion-it’s a sad thought. But places like Eternal Valley, I’m assuming the atmosphere is supposed to make you view death differently. I’ve never understood places like this. All the greenery, beautiful tombstones, the ambiance-if you will-who is it supposed to impress? The living or the dead? People have such different views and opinions on death. Some people don’t even like talking about it. Some people are open about it because they know it’s inevitable. Some people believe if it happens, no matter how, that’s how it’s supposed to happen. Here’s my take on it:

If I go, it means it was in God’s plan. If I’m walking down the street and I get shot, it was my time to go. I can’t walk around being scared and trying to avoid every possible tragedy. I’m not going to put myself in a bubble and pray for the best. I’m going to live my life! When I die I don’t need a super fancy place to rest in peace. I just want my life to be celebrated. Remember me for the fun-loving, attention seeking, life of the party person that I am. Let me deal with the spooky details of the afterlife.


And in case you were wondering what Eternal Valley has to offer, check out their website here:

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