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Excuse Me, I’m PMSing!

I am in a piss-poor mood today! The day started off fine, and then BAM! Back away from this bitch! I’m not sure if the 106 degree weather had something to do with it or my nagging son. Both of us were irritated. He had a baseball game today in all this heat. He didn’t want to play in the heat and I didn’t want to sit and watch. He was thirsty because his water got hot in the sun and I couldn’t get comfortable sitting in the bleachers. The mixture between his nagging and the heat put me over the edge. I came home ready to yell and scream at anyone that crossed my path. I know the warm weather today was a factor, but I’m pretty sure the fact that Aunt Flow is en route for vacation in my body is a huge part as to why I want to smack everyone. The older I get, the worse my PMS gets. I feel sorry for whomever my future husband may be.

I know I don’t smoke anymore, but right now I want to sit back and puff on some nicotine. It soothes me. I guess the alternative to that will be to sit my happy hips on the couch and watch MTV. Anything to keep myself sane and keep my son alive! He was 2 seconds from being put on a plane and shipped to my mother’s. Sweet baby Jesus, why am I a female!!!!

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