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Girls Weekend!

Friends are easy to find. Finding loyal friends is a different story. I thought when moving to California, I was going to have a difficult time adjusting, not only to the area, but to the people.

It wasn’t until I started working that I opened up more. I didn’t want to open up before because I was so used to being in a controlled environment around people I had pretty much known my entire life. Being in a whole new world was a challenge for me, which is odd because I’ve always made friends easily. I’ve always been the one to gravitate interesting people towards me. Since moving to the West Coast, that gravitational pull has not altered! The friends I have made here have been uniquely different, but I have found some life long friends and I am thankful they are in my life.

I have been able to add some amazing women to my circle and this weekend, we celebrate and toast to the bonds we have created!

Raise a glass ladies and toast to the awesomeness that is us!




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