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Giving It Another Shot

Last year I wrote a post about dating apps and whether they were a yay or nay. I always get amped to get on a dating app so I can meet new people (because I rarely have time to go out) but after a few days, I’m over it. My biggest pet peeve about these apps is weeding out the perverts and guys just looking for hook-ups. Aside from that, I’m skeptical about the whole “blind date” thing. And not because of them, but because of me. My prior self-esteem issues play a huge part in it and I’m always afraid I won’t be what someone is looking for. But I guess that’s what serial dating is all about-going through the motions until you find the perfect match.

Well, as of late, trying to date again, meet new potential partners or friends and searching for someone to date through these apps hasn’t even been on my radar…until today. I’m training a new Consultant at work and while talking to her she randomly asks if I’m seeing anyone. I hang my head in shame and solemnly tell her “no”. So, she proceeds to tell me she’s a serial dater and she’s alllllllll about these dating apps. She asks me if I have ever been on them or if I would try it out and I immediately run down the “been there, done that” list of reasons why I’m not really a fan. But, she’s a good sales person, hence the reason we hired her, and she talks me into giving it another shot. What the hell. What do I have to lose? Plus, my confidence has been on the rise again lately(I’m really feeling myself) so, why not get back out there and see what I can find.

I always laugh at myself because I complain about being single, yet I never go out and meet new people. I guess I expect someone to magically knock on my door and ask to hang out. Newsflash Tiff: IT AINT GONNA HAPPEN! I’ve got to put in the footwork if I expect results, just like anything else in life. Anywho, she tells me about this app called Bumble (click the link to read more about it). I’ve tried all the others (Tinder, POF, Zoosk, OkCupid) but I had never heard of Bumble, so I downloaded it. It’s a pretty cool app because the ball is definitely in the females court. You swipe right on the profile of people you like or find appealing and if you’re a match, the girl has 24 hours to send a message. The guys can’t initiate a message but if I female sends them a message, they have 24 hours to respond. Then, it’s up to the two of you to keep things going! I’m trying it out and we will see if anything happens. If all else fails, I’ll make a few new friends in my area. But hell, I’m not getting any younger. I’ll just put myself out there and see what the universe throws back at me!

Fingers crossed!! 💋 TJ

P.S. Stay tuned for an app review and an update on potential honey’s!

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