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Guys VS. Girls: Who Is Smarter? 

After having a debate with a male friend via text, in regards to which gender is the smartest, I decided to do some research to get answers to the question that was posed.

Which is the smarter gender? Men or Women?

I would assume most people would choose their own gender, but after talking to a few people, the answers were quite surprising! Now, before I go into what I discovered, here are my thoughts; just to shut down that friend who I was texting in regards to the question which prompted this post:

My Father always told me that women hold all the power. We have the power to obtain and control whatever we want. In hindsight you would think that would make women the smarter gender, because you kinda have to be smart to be powerful and in control. But I don’t know, I’m not too convinced. My answer to the question should really be biased because I AM A WOMAN. However, I’m a little torn on this one. Naturally, women would be smarter because we mature earlier than Men. We grow up quicker, we take heed to lessons learned and we tend to make better choices. So in life, I think women are smarter. In love, I think men are smarter.

Men take everything with a grain of salt. They don’t let trivial or minuscule things affect their everyday living. They easily brush situations off. Where as women let things fester and they hold resentment. They get overly emotional and dramatic. Women typically think with their hearts and men think with their…..well, their head. And not the one above their shoulders. If women thought more like men when it comes to the matters of the heart, we wouldn’t be such psychotic, over the top, belligerent, hot messes. I wish that I could learn to think like a man and not take everything to heart. But unfortunately, I am not genetically wired that way. Life would be so much easier if I were.

Now, to play devils advocate, women wouldn’t have to become emotional wrecks if men were smarter in the choices they made. If men were a little smarter in how they treated women, we wouldn’t have to get crazy on you! So, our belligerent behavior is really your fault! But that’s just my opinion.

After asking quite a few people, the general consensus was that WOMEN are smarter. Many said they are smarter because they make good decisions. Many said they are smarter because that’s just the way it is! Lol. Some said they are smarter because they have to deal with men. And some said they were smarter because they are strong no matter what situation they are in. Not to throw anyone under the bus, buuuuut the majority of these responses were made by men! Things that make you go “hmmmmm….”

I would say the general consensus is pretty spot on. I can understand their thinking. Why? Well, we are a species who is innately born to raise a village. We take care of everyone. We juggle so many hats and take on so many roles. We are mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, nurses, motivational speakers, inspirational leaders, teachers, preachers, cooks, maids….whatever you need us to be, we are. And not always because we want to, but because we HAVE to. If we didn’t do it, who would? You HAVE to be smart to wear all these hats. People say it takes a village to raise a child….we are the village! Even when we are sick, we keep going, we keep moving. Because again, if we don’t, who will cover us on our sick day? Aside from that, we are analytical thinkers. We weigh the pros and cons, we don’t just jump all in. We think of every angle and aspect before we decide. That alone makes us smarter!

I know men will argue and say they do a lot too. I’m not discrediting men. Men are amazing! And for sooooo many reasons. But let’s be realistic…keeping your mother in mind, would you say she wasn’t smart? Thinking back to your mother and father; who was the smartest between the two? And if you men really were smart, you would automatically say women are smarter, just to keep yourselves out of the dog house!

BUT…one person I talked to about this made perfect sense. It really depends on the situation to determine the answer. Women are smarter in the sense that they use both hemispheres of the brain to make decisions. Like stated earlier, that makes women more analytical. For men, they don’t have the hormones women have. So, instead of looking at things from an emotional state, they see the bigger picture. Which in the long run makes their decisions more logical. We know both men and women who are smart, but have no common sense and we know both men and women who have common sense but aren’t too book smart. In short, men and women are equally smart, whether we want to believe it or not. Would you agree with that?

Needless to say, no matter what anyone thinks, I’ll end this post by saying this is where I stand: in the great words of the most amazing Beyoncé herself, “who runs the World? GIRLS!”

{I like posing the “Guys VS. Girls” questions. I think this will be a new series on my blog between guys and gals and how we pair up. This should be fun! Stay tuned for more!}



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