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O M G!!!!

I have found the pot of gold! In hopes to start meal prepping and eating healthier, balanced meals, I tried HelloFresh, all thanks to my boyfriend. Best. Decision. I’ve. Ever. Made!! I love it!

With HelloFresh, you pay weekly, depending on the plan you choose (you can purchase for 2-4 people and between 3-4 meals per person. I chose the plan for 2 people with 3 meals a week so that I have 6 meals for myself for the week), and a box is delivered to your door with all the ingredients you need to cook at least 6 meals. Delicious meals! I’m on my second week and I have not been disappointed with my selections. Everything is setup and organized so well with the produce and recipes, that I feel like I’m making gourmet meals! The presentation is absolutely gorgeous. I like the fact that everything is so fresh, including the meat. Last week, my menu included creamy chicken breast with roasted potatoes and green beans, pineapple salsa on top of pork chops with jasmine rice and snap peas and a juicy-lucy hamburger with an onion and tomato jam and arugula salad, with a dressing I made myself! I had six meals, which I utilized for lunch each day at work, and I was extremely satisfied. I’m excited to try the meals for this week coming up. I was happy to see the HelloFresh box at my door when I came home yesterday! Now, all I’ve gotta do is meal prep on Sunday and I’m good to go for another week!

The best part about the meal plans; HelloFresh is not one of those subscriptions where you have to pay no matter what. You can cancel at anytime AND you can skip weeks, so you won’t be billed for the week you skip! The first week for me was free because my boyfriend gave me a coupon, so I saved $60. This week is the first week I paid for. It’s well worth the money, and honestly I’d be paying the same thing monthly if I went grocery shopping. This way, I’m just cutting out the middleman. I absolutely LOATHE grocery shopping!

For any of my friends or followers who would like to try HelloFresh for a week, let me know and I can send you a free week to try it out! I promise you won’t be disappointed!



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