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Well, I am officially back! No more distractions, no more vacation. I have slacked off too much with the blog challenge and just keeping connected in general. Although I’m not going to go back and blog all the challenge days I’ve missed, I will pick a few to write about here and there. The first being, what the meaning is behind my blog name.

HolddtheMayo: First and foremost, I can’t exactly remember where I came up with the name. My last name is Mayo and my twitter handle has been HolddtheMayo for years. I most recently changed my Instagram account to the same name. When thinking of names for this blog, I really just wanted to keep things uniformed and have it all connect. So, thus the birth of HolddtheMayo. It was also kind of cool that it is sort of a play on words, with Mayo being my last name and all. People really got a kick out of it being my twitter handle. And to be honest, it kind of just fits and suits my personality. It’s a rather playful name and it incorporates who I am. The funniest part about the name…’s usually what I say at restaurants. I CANNOT stand mayonnaise. This makes the name all the more ironic. People are baffled that I don’t like the condiment when we share the same name. But I find it baffling that people could be so silly to think since the two are equated, I can’t have a preference in condiments. Anywhoooo….that’s the story of how my blog name was created, and I’m sticking to it!


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