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Home Is Where The Heart Is!

When I first moved to the West Coast from Maryland, I was excited but nervous at the same time. I thought I would be homesick, lonely and scared! Scared to start a new beginning and learn a new environment. But as time has progressed, I’ve learned that home is where the heart is, so there is really no reason to worry. As long as I have my son, I have a JOB and I have my health, life is good. The change for me has been amazing. I have never been happier. The environment is better for me and the independence is refreshing. If anyone were to ask me if they should step out on faith and take a chance, I would tell them ABSOLUTELY! Of course I miss my family and friends, but trains, planes and buses would not have been invented if it weren’t meant to travel! I don’t know if I can accredit my happiness to moving away from the monotony I was experiencing in Maryland, or the location I moved to. I’m the type of person that likes to be in the scene, involved in everything. So to be in the heart of where all the action is, as far as celebrities and film and fantasy, I’m right at home. As long as I’m happy, home will never be far. And right now, I’m more than happy, I’m ECSTATIC!


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