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In May, Aaron and I moved into our first home together. So far, we have both been living in marital bliss! Although this is not our forever home, we have still made it OUR home, until we purchase our first home in a few years. And with that, we have taken every measure to decorate our home how we want it and make it as comfy as possible for us .

The key is to make it look like we DON’T have 3 young boys living in our home, lol.

There are still some finishing touches to be made; our master bedroom isn’t finished, as well as knickknacks we need to purchase for the boys’ rooms. But with everything almost  complete, I wanted to share a few pictures of a few of our favorite spots in our house. I love decorating, it is mos definitely a passion of mine, and I tend to have an eye for putting everything together. Once the house is completely furnished, I will update this post with additional pictures. The only thing you won’t see in these pictures is the coffee table I just ordered. I am too excited to have this table delivered! It will give our living room the finished look it needs. Stay tuned!***

Favorite stores to shop:

  1. Marshalls

  2. Home Goods

  3. World Market

  4. Wal-Mart

  5. Kirklands

What are your favorite home decor stores?



The coffee table came in and it is perfect!! It’s not too big for the space and it’s not too small. I absolutely love it!! All we need now is a few accent pieces. Check out our living room now!

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