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I’m a Big Kid Now!


I have grown so much in the past two years that I’ve surprised myself! I’ve recently posted on my Instagram story how sorry I am for the way I’ve treated others, because looking back, I wasn’t the kindest person. Especially if I didn’t like you, it showed. I think my marriage has had a lot to do with my growth. I’m happy now and I love life, so that doesn’t really leave much room for any negativity.


I’ve been a manager for the majority of my working life. I’ve recently stepped back into that role, after a year hiatus, and I’ve noticed a change in my management style. In the past, employees have told me how I’m a good manager. But I think I had my quirks and I wasn’t the “adult” in the role that I should have been. I didn’t take people’s feelings into consideration and I always had the intent to show my appreciation, but I never followed through. This time around, I am more cognizant to the way I do things. I want to be a supporter, I want to make my employees feel appreciated and I want them to like and respect me so our working environment is enjoyable.


I know where I went wrong. I know what I did wrong. I never want to be that person to make another human-being feel less than or unappreciated. I never want to come off as a cold hearted person, because in my personal life I am as sweet as pie. Being a Leo, my personality already comes off as very dominating, and while I like to be a leader and I take my role as such very serious, I never want to seem unapproachable. For the many people I’ve made feel small…I’m sorry. Although my intention was never to hurt others, I can see how that may have been the case.

Big Kid.

I’m learning everyday from my faults. I continually strive to be a better person daily. Apologies may be a little too late, but I still want my apologies to be known. I’m a big kid now. I know how to admit when I’m wrong. I know how to acknowledge my wrongdoings and I just want to continue to grow. So, please forgive me. I’m a lot more mature now than I was then. And whether the people I’ve hurt read this now or not, it’s been chicken soup to my soul to know that I’ve been able to recognize the growth. Not many can say that.

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