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Kill ‘Em with Kindness!

How many of you have had your mother tell you that phrase before? I heard it all the time from my mother growing up. Whenever someone was being nasty, or mean to me and it would hurt my feelings, my mother would tell me “kill them with kindness”. I never thought that statement was good enough, as my feelings being hurt was never a great thing. But now that I’m an adult I completely understand. Some people think that being nasty or evil is going to break you down, and for some people it may. But when you have the mindset of brushing things off and letting nasty personalities roll off your shoulder, you’ll go much further in life than the bullies with a chip on their shoulder.

Keeping in mind that I need to treat all ignorant folks with kindness has taken me far. There have been so many situations where the old Tiffany would have bit someone’s head off for being an asshole. But the new and improved Tiffany simply smiles and continues on with her day. Having that mindset has made people look at me twice and eventually apologize for their behavior.

What I’ve learned; you never know what someone is going through. You never know what or who has caused their mood. Although someone may be treating you less than what you deserve, you have to brush it off because you never know what they’ve gone through that day. Not feeding in to their chaos could be the interaction they need to make them realize they are overreacting. So, the next time a negative Nancy crosses your path, try killing them with kindness and watch as you slowly take the wind out of their sails!


💋 TJ

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