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LA Traffic…..Ugh!

LA’s mistress–the one thing that takes up all of LA’s time and space. The mistress that makes it hard to function in life because you have to plan your day according to when she will occupy LA’s time. The mistress, also lovingly known as TRAFFIC!

I know so many people who refuse to move to LA, solely based on the factor of too much traffic. I don’t blame you guys! This traffic can be a bit frustrating. Especially when it takes you an HOUR to go 10 miles. TEN MILES! Talk about being ready to rip your hair out!

And the only thing that is worse than the traffic is the people driving in it! I probably yell at people in my car daily. As I’m driving my lovely son to school each morning, I try to stay positive. But someone will suddenly pull out in front of me, block me in or GET IN MY WAY, and that positivity goes right out the eff’n window!

When friends come to visit, they cannot believe that we, as Californians, put up with the madness! If it wasn’t for the fact that the majority of my driving time is spent taking the streets, as opposed to the freeway, I’m able to withstand this mistress. But God forbid I need to go down to Hollywood, over the hill into Downtown or anywhere out of the Valley, I have to plan around that bitches schedule-of course when I say “bitch” I’m referring to the traffic. (I don’t want the feminist to come down on me super hard).

At least when I need to go to my favorite escape, the beach, I’m able to take the canyons. Thank God for the CANYONS!

Once I see the beautiful Pacific, all is right with the world again, and I could really care less about LA’s dirty little mistress……



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