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Life. Made!!

Seriously! Everyone who knows me knows I absolutely LOVE and ADORE Jimmy Fallon. He is definitely the King of Late Night. I try to stay up every night to watch his show because he is fucking hilarious!! His comedic tone paired with his ability to be hip on everything that is trending is impressive! His skits are always unique, his comedic timing is precise AND the best part is….. he is best friends with my first love Justin Timberlake. And if there is anything I love more than Jimmy and Justin together, it’s the Queen of Daytime, Ellen DeGeneres. So imagine my excitement when I realized they would be doing a lip sync battle on The Tonight Show with Justin looking on as the judge!

IT WAS EPIC!!! Jimmy doing the stanky leg was enough to last me a lifetime. He is a natural FOOL!

Don’t believe me? Just see for yourself. My shitty day just turned around and life has seriously been made!



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