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  1. Ride in a helicopter

  2. Go horseback riding

  3. Wear a bikini

  4. Visit Canada

  5. Ride in a hot air balloon

  6. Get my credit score up to 750!

  7. Go bra-less in public

  8. Ride in a convertible

  9. Try a new food

  10. Go ice skating at Rockefeller Center

  11. Visit a winery

  12. Go skiing

  13. Marry my best friend

  14. Stomp grapes

  15. Write poetry again

  16. Watch the Harry Potter series (I’ve never seen a single movie)

  17. Change my last name

  18. Take a tour of DC

  19. Lose 30 pounds

  20. Volunteer

  21. Trademark “HolddtheMayo”

  22. Go to a Day Party

  23. Do Karaoke

  24. Participate in a marathon

  25. Get matching tattoos

  26. Make a BIG purchase

  27. Fast for 30 days

  28. Kiss a dolphin

  29. Ride on a jetski

  30. Silence the haters

  31. Make a name for myself, socially

  32. Go to an Eagles game IN Philly

  33. Get my motorcycle license

  34. Get promoted at work

  35. Take care of my mother

Well, we are just dwindling this list right on down! But crossing off #13 and #17 was very high in my priority ranking (regardless of where they fell on the list lol). As of yesterday, I am able to cross those two items off! I  married my best friend (#13) and I changed my last name (#17). YES! I am finally married to the man of my dreams, and I couldn’t be happier! For those of you who know us personally, as you know our original plan was to get married next May, in a destination wedding, and that is still our plan. But we couldn’t wait! This year has been such a positive year for us and we didn’t want to continue to live together without being married (we wanted to do things right), so we tied the knot! It couldn’t have been a more perfect day and we couldn’t have written it any better if someone asked us to.

Next year, instead of our wedding being a legal ceremony, it will be a symbolic ceremony. Nothing has changed; we will still have our bridal party, I will still wear my wedding dress, we will still get married on embarkation day-before our cruise ship sets sail, we will still have our wedding reception. Nothing has changed except for the fact that I will already have his last name while we celebrate all over again. So, I guess you would consider it a vow renewal.

I cannot believe we are finally at this stage in our lives. I have wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of my life with this man and now I am able to. Many people have told me that marriage is hard work, and I understand that, I really do. But I see us being in this for the long haul. I am not naive and I know we will have our ups and downs, because it’s natural. But this is my partner for life. We were made for each other and life wouldn’t be the same without him.



Mrs. Jones

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