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Moment of Honesty…

There are oftentimes I get the urge to say the things I feel.

And when the angst comes pouring in, I know the feelings real.

Trying to find the words to express what I need to say,

It’s a losing battle in and out of every single day.

I wish I could be real with you and it was just that simple.

But the thought of knowing my words could cause a “ripple” is not so simple.

A “ripple affect” by my actions and my words is not a comforting feeling,

But in my head I know that you’re the only one, with whom I’d wanna be dealing.

I want to shout these words from the peak of every rooftop!

But what’s the point, when what I really feel has got to stop.

It’s hard on both of us, to carry on like everything is easy.

It’s not! And the thought alone constantly makes me feel queasy.

The thought that I could never ever explore your kind of love,

It’s frightening because we are a match made for the universe,

Our personalities fit like a glove.

And when you come across my mind, OH BOY!, the smile that hits my face.

There’s no amount of time or distance….not even space…

That could stop what I sincerely feel is truly meant to be.

If only I could always have you right here next to me….

So, when you ask, “what are these words you speak of?”,  the World may never know.

But look deep into this poem and you’ll find,

The reason why I’d never let you go.

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