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Monday Bluuuuues….

Monday Bluuuues…

Everyone knows the feeling. You come off a great weekend; time you may have spent with friends, family or that special boy toy (wink, wink) and you gotta get back to work. Blah! No one likes to do it. I’d personally like to spend that time recovering from the weekend. Preferably in my bed, but ideally at the beach. Annnnnd, ideally with a drink in my hand. That sounds a lot better than actually dealing with people! And if you know me, I’m a people-person, but not a dumb people-person, and I tend to encounter quite a few of those in my line of work. Mondays just seem so far away from Friday! I can think of so many other things I would rather be doing. What are 5 things you’d rather be doing than working? Sounds like a great idea for another post. I should get-ta-thinkin’ on that. Anywho….

As I came into work today, I was immediately ready to go home. I was tired from a night of moving my new bedroom furniture in (yay!) and I didn’t get into bed until close to 2AM because I was folding clothes and watching the #VMAs. The moment I stepped in to work there were problems galore. The computers were down, clients were checking in and out, it was HOT! I was a mess. Until…. I received an email from my sweet little Victoria (she’s probably one of my favorite people on the planet!) telling me to check my work mailbox. Per usual, I’m a scardey-cat and I had no idea what to expect was in it. When I looked through the tons of papers that already consume my mailbox, there was a pretty little handwritten note from Victoria, whom I call VI. It was the sweetest thing. She had pre-written it for today wishing me a happy Monday and saying that no matter what was going on, she wanted this note to cheer me up. And that’s exactly what it did.

The power of words can either lift you or bring you down. One simple note turned my day around. She didn’t say anything extraordinary. She simply wished me a brighter day and this note is something I will keep forever. It shows that she actually put thought into making my day better. I don’t think people understand how words have such an affect on others. You can say something or do something that will stick with another individual for the rest of their lives; whether it be good or bad. I encourage everyone to say something kind or send a simple note to another human being. Doesn’t have to be anything lengthy, just simple. You never know what someone is going through and how the simplicity you set forth can really impact and change that person’s life. I’m sure VI wasn’t expecting it to have the affect on me that it did, but that’s what makes it so much more gratifying! 🙂


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