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Movie Review: The Loft

If you haven’t seen the movie and you don’t want to know what happens, don’t read any further! Spoiler Alert!

So, I was talking to a cowroker and we were discussing a movie her wife purchased and wanted to watch. She said she hadn’t watched it yet, but she wasn’t really sure she wanted to because it didn’t seem like something that would catch her eye. Talking about the movie with her peeked my interest, so I decided to Google it.

Reading the plot of the movie intrigued me. It was described as a suspense-thriller that seemed to come off a bit “trippy”! I had to know how it ended! My coworker, being the awesome person that she is, went to the Redbox and rented the movie for me. I couldn’t wait until I got home to watch it! I don’t know if I was more eager to watch it because of the plot, the suspense OR because James Marsden was in it-LOVE HIM!

Once I got home I made sure I finished everything in my daily routine, I turned my phone off and put it away; it was movie time! The movie started with one of the main characters walking into-you guessed it- a loft-style apartment and finding the body of a young lady on the bed. There was blood everywhere and she was handcuffed to the headboard. He immediately started freaking out. He calls his friends, which to give you a summary of the plot; 5 friends, one of whom is an architect, share an expensive, upscaled loft to bring their conquests to have affairs with. Like typical men, they come up with this brilliant idea to screw over their wives. It’s brilliant, but stupid and idiotic at the same time. Some of them are hesitant to use the loft, but when you’re a guy and you start using your penis before you brain, shit gets real. Which is indeed what happened.

For anyone who is familiar with the female species, you know that unlike men, we don’t think with our genitalia, we think with our hearts. When our heart is set on something, it is very hard to steer us into another direction. One of the men began an affair with a female whom he met in San Diego. As you can predictably guess, she wanted more and he was not able to offer because of his “commitment” to his wife. On top of that, there seems to be another guy in the group who is interested in the same girl, but she only has eyes for one man and has no interest in him; she makes this very apparent. So, as scorned people do, he was out for revenge. He wasn’t angry with her, but more so at his friend, whom she admired more. That factor, coupled with the fact that this friend found out that the alpha male; the architect, slept with ALL of their wives, flings, sisters! He was livid. So, what does he do? He makes a plan to set his friend up for murder, after showing the other guys tape of their wives being seduced by their “friend”. Of course they were highly upset…..and so the plot thickens.

The movie goes on to show how the remaining four men come up with this elaborate plan to frame their friend and murder, but not really murder, but essentially end up murdering this obsessed conquest. (it will make more sense once you actually see the movie). I honestly thought it was their wives. I thought they found out about the loft and they wanted to stick it to them. Especially because James Marsden’s wife always looked like she was mad or up to something. Maybe she did know something, who knows. But BOY was I wrong about that scenario! At the end of the day, the guy who set this whole plan in motion is really kind of psycho and he dies at the hands of James Marsden.

As you can see, this movie was very intense and kind of all over the place. But it was exciting and held my attention the entire time. So if you’re looking for an exciting (and again I reiterate) and trippy movie, this is the one to see! And if you do end up watching it, let me know what you think!



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