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Mr. Cool Guy


There is always that one guy who thinks that every girl in the world wants him. That he is by far the most attractive man and he is completely irresistible to the opposite sex. Hell, he may even think he is irresistible to the same-sex. You can easily spot out Mr. Cool Guy by the way he walks, his demeanor, his car and his attitude.

His Walk.

There’s a certain sway to his stride that eludes the “I’m the shit” attitude. He walks like he is the only person around, his head held high, sunglasses on so no one can look him directly in the eyes and he is pretty much walking to his own beat. The one that only he can hear in his head.

His Demeanor.

He demands attention every time he walks into a room. No matter who is in the room. If you’re having a conversation that is not about him, it automatically turns into a conversation about him. Instantly you are talking about his day, his night last night, his hook-up that he had (which is probably a bit of an exaggeration-he was really at home with his cat) and his upcoming plans for the weekend and how he plans on being the MAN and there’s no if, ands or buts about it!

His Car.

You would think he was driving a Maserati or some other luxury vehicle, the way he talks about it, but it’s not. He rolls into the parking lot, windows down, music blasting, leaning to the side with his shades on. At this point, you’re thinking to yourself, “who the hell does he think he is?” But don’t ask him that, because knowing Mr. Cool Guy, he will make it seem like he’s some kind of big deal….NEGATIVE!

His Attitude.

Where to begin? “Hello Ladies” is the first thing he utters when he walks into a room. Again, expecting everyone to stop what they are doing to acknowledge him. And don’t give him even a pinch of attention, or let him know that anyone was talking about him in a positive way. His head blows up the size of a hot air balloon! And when he becomes extremely conceited at the thought that someone is even admiring him in the slightest, his “coolness” turns into thirst and he won’t leave you alone.

So the moral of the story fellas, don’t try to play it too cool. As females, we can see through the BS! Just be yourself, don’t pretend to have a swag that’s not there. It should be natural. When it’s not natural, it just makes you look like a “wannabe” and that, Mr. Cool Guy, is soooooooo not cool!



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