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Ode to Channing Tatum

I’ve always been infatuated with this man. But seeing as though his new movie came out this weekend, it seems like the perfect opportunity to express my love for him. Let me tell you how it all began……

When I was a sophomore/junior in high school, which feels like ages ago, I would come home everyday from school and watch TRL on MTV. (Remember the TRL days with Carson Daly? When music was actually good?) Anywho, I would come home and get on the phone with one of my best friends and we would watch all of the latest ‘NSYNC videos. Well, one day, while watching TRL I saw a commercial for Mountain Dew. In the commercial a guy and his friend were in the car. They had just left a convenient store. The driver (Channing) left his mountain dew on someone’s car at the convenient store. Since they were already in the car, Channing sped back, the car flipped and in a very cool fashion, Channing got his soda back. It sounds lame, but it was so awesome! Not many people have seen this commercial (shocking!) so take a look:

When I saw this commercial, I immediately told my friend that I needed to find out the name of the guy in the driver’s seat because he was GORGEOUS! I drooled for a good 2 months before I gave up because I couldn’t find out what his name was. I was pretty sure I wouldn’t see him again.

Fast forward a few years and the movie Coach Carter comes out. OMG! There is the guy from the Mountain Dew commercial!!!!! I almost peed myself! After all this time, here he is, again!! I couldn’t wait until the movie was over and I could watch the credits run. I would finally be able to match a name to the face!! The credits roll and his name is now embedded in my brain! I instantly go home and look him up. My dreams have come true.

Naturally, I stalk him in every movie, every commercial, every print ad. When Step Up came out and I found out he could dance, my infatuation turned to obsession! Besides Justin Timberlake, I have never felt this way about anyone. For me, there is just something about a white guy who can dance. And Channing and Justin both fit that description. Of course as the years have gone by and he has grown more popular and famous, I still follow him. I have given up all hope of being Mrs. Tatum, seeing as though that role is currently filled….for now. I was crushed when he got married, same situation with Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. But I will forever follow Channing in his career. To see him go from a Mountain Dew commercial to major motion pictures is amazing. I feel like I have been on this journey with him. The wide range of characters he plays is amazing. I loved him in She’s The ManDear John and The Vow. I’m intrigued by the sensitive side of Channing. The vast experience he has had in life, from being a male dancer to modeling to acting……he is the total package. I can’t wait to see what he does in the future. Hopefully one of his endeavors will include me 🙂

Until then, I will continue to support him, watch Magic Mike over and over again, and be at opening night for all of his movies. He will forever be the SECOND man I have NO PROBLEM FANGIRLING OVER!!

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