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Oh Shia!

I can’t deal. I can’t fucking deal! I was in my bed yesterday morning, minding my business, planning to sleep-in until forever when I received an email. As an avid fan of Ellen DeGeneres, I am subscribed to her newsletter and I get her emails all the time. Yesterday was no different. I opened the email to see what good stuff she had going on, because it’s getting closer to her 12 Days of Christmas shows, and I see that Shia LaBeouf was recently on her show. There was a video to go along with the little excerpt that described what him and Ellen talked about. I have never really been a SUPER FAN of Shia, I’ve always been able to appreciate his work. But the caption of the video, which leaves my mind currently, caught my attention. So, I hit the play button and I watched. MAN!

I was so enthralled with what he was saying and with the manner in which he was saying it. This new look he has going on with his beard makes him so mysterious, yet sexy. I’m definitely diggin the beard! And the way he was talking about his recent struggl

es and how he has dealt with all the media exposure and how he has overcome that dark time in his life….I was amazed. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. His personality kind of had a swag all its own. I’ve never seen this side of him! It was exciting. And thus began the frenzy.

I went on YouTube and searched his name. Since his latest movie just came out, he had been doing his rounds on late night talk shows promoting the movie. I came across a clip of him on Jimmy Kimmel from last week; of course I watched. He told a story of his most recent arrest and the events that led up to it. I never knew what an amazing sense of humor he had. He definitely knows how to take the good with the bad. He sees the bright side of negative events that have happened in his life. And can you blame him for going a little crazy at times? The poor kid grew up in the spotlight, that’s never easy for anyone.

After watching his clip from Jimmy Kimmel, I went onto other interviews. One in particular was an interview for a movie he starred in not too long ago, Nymphomaniac. Let me just say, WOW! The things he had to do to get this part are crazy! Not to mention, I watched clips of him in this movie, and not that you can’t tell by the title, but this wasn’t a normal movie, it was like a full on porn! And you better believe I will be watching the full movie, as long as it has Shia. Naked. that’s all I care about. A little arousal never hurt anyone.

And he is so damn creative! Some people may see it as crazy or mental, but he did a full on expo where he wanted to apologize to the world for all the wrong doings he had done. He wanted to give the public a chance to say whatever they wanted to him or make him feel any way they wanted to because he felt like he hurt so many people; at least based on the amount of Twitter hate he received. A lot of people thought he was losing his marbles, but I think it was genius! A way to find out who you are and what people really think; the impact you have made on their lives and a great way to find self-worth. Kudos to you Mr. LaBeouf.

If you’ve read my blog before, you know that I get infatuated easily. One week it will be this celebrity, next week it will be that celebrity. Either way, Shia is currently the flavor of the week and I WILL, find him, stalk him and love him! Ahhh, the joys of living in California. All of your favorite actors, singers, celebs are right around the corner. I fully intend on marrying this man, and I don’t care what anyone thinks! Oh wait…..he has a girlfriend. Oh well, she can watch 🙂



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