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Paint Night=Date Night!

Ohhhhh how I’ve missed my bestie Annette and her wife Michele! When I was living in Vegas, we were together alllll the time! And since I’ve moved, I’ve missed being with them on a regular basis. Mostly because they are fun as hell to watch interact with each other! But mainly because they are family.

When I knew they were coming back to Maryland for a few days, it was imperative I be added to their busy schedules! So, I planned a fun little double-date night between them and me & Aaron. In the 26 years that Annette and I have been friends, we’ve NEVER double-dated! That’s so hard to believe (because boy, we’ve been through A LOT!) but it’s true! For this to be the first double-date, we had an awesome time…and I have the pics to prove it! Between all four of us having VERY different artistic styles, to the company, wine and delicious food, this was one of the better outings I’ve had in a while.

Next date night, we will shoot out to Vegas to visit them…because it’s only fair. I can only imagine all the trouble we will get into! I’m excited just thinking about it! But, in the meantime, for those of you who have never been to Muse Paintbar at the National Harbor, you should make a visit. It’s inexpensive and tons of fun! Check out our pics below. I hope you enjoy the pics as much as we enjoyed this night!



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