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Petty People

Where did this word “petty” come from? Where did this action come from? More importantly, why do people earnestly feel the need to be petty for absolutely NO. REASON. AT. ALL!?

I thought with age, the pettiness would get better….NOT! I’ve come to the conclusion that middle-aged women are the pettiest of them all. Makes complete sense. From movies I’ve watched and just knowing the generation they hail from, (and hearing many stories from women in my family) middle-aged women are the QUEENS of PETTY! Don’t believe me? Find you a middle-aged woman and gossip with her or do her wrong. You will see the pettiness full force. I thought this would be something I would deal with when I worked with young adults and teenage girls, but nope. Wrong generation! It wasn’t until I got into my new position that I realized the older women were who I needed to look out for. Which was suuuuuch a buzzkill for me because I thought older women were supposed to be nurturing and maternal. They are supposed to be your momma away from your momma. Soooooo not the case. Especially with my coworkers.

But you know what? Instead of joining in on the gossip, I sit back and observe. By doing that, I know who to be open around and who to share very little information with. Don’t get me wrong,  I am ALLLLL for sitting down next to you and listening to the tea **sips drink**.

When I first came into my new position, I had a lot of adjusting to do. I knew there would be people who didn’t like me or had opinions of me. But I didn’t know these grown ass women were going to make up ridiculous rumors about me! I was a little pissed at first, but now I laugh because they reeeeallly reached to make up this rumor about me and spread gossip, like little worker bees. And just when I thought I could laugh that rumor off and move on, these petty Patty’s brought on another level of petty-LOL!

Here’s the tea…….

Before our parking structure changed at work, we took a shuttle to and from the old building to our new work building from the garage we parked in. One day, I was very sleepy, obviously, after a long day of work and fell asleep on the shuttle going to the parking garage. These women KNEW I was on the shuttle and when we got to our destination how many of them do you think bothered to wake me up? NADA! They left me on the shuttle to ride around town with the driver who had no idea I was still a passenger! What a nightmare! When I woke up and realized I missed my stop, even the driver asked why no one woke me up. One word for you sir, PETTY! I mean, I knew a few of them didn’t really like me, but that was just downright rude. But guess what….I didn’t expect anything less, therefore I couldn’t even be mad. I think I was shocked more than anything.

So, yeah. Just when you think you have to worry about the young ones being a pain in the ass, think again. These Patty’s are in their prime and they are ready for the petty.



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